Deep Cuts CD Vol. 3 1984 1995 – Queen Tienda
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Deep Cuts CD Vol. 3 1984 1995


1.      Made in Heaven Freddie Mercury Made in Heaven, 1995

2.      Machines (or 'Back to Humans') Brian May, Roger Taylor The Works, 1984

3.      Don't Try So Hard Queen (Mercury) Innuendo, 1991

4.      Tear It Up May The Works

5.      I Was Born to Love You Mercury Made in Heaven

6.      A Winter's Tale Queen (Mercury) Made in Heaven

7.      Ride the Wild Wind Queen (Taylor) Innuendo

8.      Bijou Queen (Mercury, May) Innuendo

9.      Was It All Worth It Queen (Mercury) The Miracle, 1989

10.  One Year of Love John Deacon A Kind of Magic, 1986

11.  Khashoggi's Ship Queen (Mercury, May, Deacon, Taylor) The Miracle

12.  Is This the World We Created...? Mercury, May The Works

13.  The Hitman Queen (Mercury, May, Deacon) Innuendo

14.  It's a Beautiful Day (Reprise) Queen (Mercury) Made in Heaven

15.  Mother Love Mercury, May Made in Heaven